Integration With Other Professionals


If you are an Elder Law, Trust or Estate Attorney, our  Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Managers can provide conservatorships for your aging clients or clients living with disabilities. We are PRI certified in NY State and complete PRI assessments for your clients seeking Skilled Nursing Facility placement.



If you are a Probate Judge, our Aging Life (Geriatric)Care Managers will provide objective, professional assessments of a client’s needs, serve as appointed guardians or provide care management.



If you are a financial planner or Accountant with an aging client or client with disability, our Aging Life (Geriatric)Care Managers will assist you in assessing future caregiver needs.



We are participating providers with Employee Assistance Programs that work with caregiving employees. Our Aging Life (Geriatric)Care Managers help reduce absenteeism and improve employee focus and productivity by addressing their loved one’s needs.



If you are a Physician and have any of the listed indicators checked, our Aging Life (Geriatric)Care Managers will provide a free consultation to assess the situation and advise about available options.



Situations where care management services can assist:

Medication compliance

Missed appointments

Frequent Emergency room visits and Hospitalizations


Family challenges /conflicts

Nutritional concerns

Disease management issues

Home care needs



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