Benefits of an Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager

If you answer yes to any of these questions, an Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager can provide important and beneficial assistance.

  • Does your loved one have limited support or live far away from family who can help?
  • Have you been suddenly plunged into a caregiving role due to illness or medical crisis and need help getting up to speed?
  • Does your loved one have multiple, or increasing, medical issues or conditions (including behavioral health needs)?
  • Is your parent no longer able to live alone safely but is resistant to change or losing independence?
  • Are you burned out?
  • Do family members have different opinions about the best way to care for your loved one, and/or are discussions about care tense?
  • Do you need help untangling your family member’s financial or legal affairs?
  • Do you need help navigating the system and finding the resources that your loved one is entitle to?

If there’s one constant in caregiving, it’s that things change—often and frequently without warning. You may find yourself in situations you’d never imagined, where you need a solution to a problem you’re facing or you simply want reassurance that you can get through this challenge.