Comprehensive Caring and Advocacy

  Do you need a trusted adviser who can help ensure that your loved one is getting the help that he or she needs? Our company provides unique solutions utilizing integrated approach to care for elderly clients with chronic conditions and functional deficits. Our mission is to help your loved one to remain safely and comfortable at the place of his/her choice and to enhance the quality of life and well being.
An Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager will assess and evaluate the physical, psychosocial, cognitive and environmental status, followed by the development of a customized Care Plan, addressing your loved one’s specific needs. An Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager will coordinate and oversee the team of professionals who will provide care for your loved one. An Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager will put together a team or work with one that you have arranged yourself. The team may include a doctor, nurse, social worker, home health aide(s), rehabilitation specialists, a nutritionist, elder care attorney and financial adviser. An Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Manager will continue to evaluate the Plan of Care, and will adapt it as your loved one’s needs change.