What Does a Care Manager Do?

Why would I need a Care Manager?

Care Managers help families obtain the care needed to maintain the best quality of life for the elderly and adults with disabilities. They conduct in-depth assessments, develop care plans and recommendations, coordinate services, act as liaisons to health care providers and insurers, and continuously monitor services to ensure that the individual’s unique needs are met. They are knowledgeable about the wide array of resources available, including state and federal entitlement programs. In addition, Care Managers work closely with family caregivers to identify other community supports such as adult day care, homemaker services and more, to provide respite, reduce stress, and help make the caregiving process as positive as possible. Care Managers are experts in assessing the individual’s full range of needs and locating the specific that enhance well-being and independence. Family members or friends caring for older adults and those with disabilities are often faced with a confusing array of choices and difficult decisions. Care Managers save families time, money, and stress by finding the best solutions and maximizing the dignity and safety of their clients.