About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients with an exceptional quality of care by focusing on developing and sustaining quality of life that goes beyond physical comfort and includes emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual well being. Quality of life is a deeply personal response to one’s situation and circumstances based on what brings one purpose and meaning. Our support of a client’s improved quality of life is viewed as a fundamental component of a care manager’s efforts to address client needs. We are inspired by our mission and empowered to advance it in the work we do every day.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist our clients to remain in the community with improved quality of life, enhanced safety, reduced caregiver stress and peace of mind.

Our Team

Our Team has a combined 30 years of professional experience in geriatrics, complex care management and coordination, disease and case management, discharge planning and community resources. We are trained in Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

Our Aging Life (Geriatric) Care Managers are problem solvers who are licensed nurses, licensed social workers and elder care advisers. They provide continuous, customized, hands on care management to assure that all our clients’ needs are met. Each individual has a unique set of skills and abilities to positively impact the quality of care that they provide. Our company culture is to support and cultivate the best from each one of us.

Who Do We Serve?

Family Caregivers/ Adult Children/Friends • Clients • Physicians • Discharge Planners • Elder Law and Estate Attorneys • Financial Planners and Accountants • Bank Trust Officers • Probate Judges • Employee Assistance Programs • Long Term Care Insurers • Community Agencies


Care Managers help families obtain the care needed to maintain the best quality of life for the elderly and adults with disabilities. They conduct in-depth assessments, develop care plans and recommendations, coordinate services, act as liaisons to health care providers and insurers, and continuously monitor services to ensure that the individual’s unique needs are met. They are knowledgeable about the wide array of resources available, including state and federal entitlement programs. In addition, Care Managers work closely with family caregivers to identify other community supports such as adult day care, homemaker services and more, to provide respite, reduce stress, and help make the caregiving process as positive as possible.

Care Managers are experts in assessing the individual’s full range of needs and locating the specific services that enhance well-being and independence. Family members or friends caring for older adults and those with disabilities are often faced with a confusing array of choices and difficult decisions. Care Managers save families time, money, and stress by finding the best solutions and maximizing the dignity and safety of their clients.

Our Care Managers are skilled professionals in the nursing or social services fields who have special training and expertise in issues related to the elderly and adults with disabilities. When we conduct assessments to evaluate an individual’s needs, we review the person’s medical, cognitive, emotional and financial status, environment, and support system. Our objective recommendations encompass the whole spectrum of the individual’s needs, from medical to recreational, We look at the broader picture, locating resources and continuously monitoring plans
of care to ensure that our clients live as safely and independently as possible.

In addition to the elderly and adults with disabilities, several parties can benefit from working directly with Care Managers:

  • Concerned families or friends of an elderly person or adult with disabilities needing care at home or in an alternative living situation
  • Caregivers who need support to care for their spouse, partner, or adult child with disabilities
  • Attorneys who provide elder law, trust, or estate services, or need a conservator for aging clients or clients living with a disability
  • Bank trust officers with fiduciary responsibility for their customers
  • Probate judges who need objective, professional assessments of a client’s needs, conservatorship, or professional care management for a case
  • Physicians, nurses, social workers, hospital discharge planners, or other health care professionals concerned about the well-being of a patient
  • Financial planners or accountants with an aging client or client with a disability, who needs an assessment to assist in future caregiving needs
  • Employee Assistance
  • Programs that work with caregiving employees
  • Long-term care insurers
    Community agencies

Care Manager can help with evaluation and placement at alternative living situations, whether it is an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility, or other residential program. Clients may receive our care management services no matter where they live.

Medicare does not pay for private care management services, nor do most health insurance policies. Some long-term care insurers pay for assessments and ongoing care management by a professional Care Manager.

Where Are We Located?

Integrative Elder Care is servicing four boroughs of New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens), Rockland and Westchester counties in New York, Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties in New Jersey. Our goal is to help with care plans, assist with finding resources and health providers all across the country.

How Do We Help?

Integrative Elder Care Management

Are you a child of or an elder care patient yourself? Are you seeking better arrangements? We have many options to assist you.

Integrating With Other Professionals

Are you a professional working with an elderly client? Integrated Care Services has a number of services to assist you.

Safe Transition Home Program

Our Safe Transition Home program is an umbrella of services we offer to help transition and protect a patient once their back home.

Late Life Relocation

When it comes to late life decisions, we can never have too many options. We help you choose the best providers for your needs.

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